How can I register to join the Ride for Food?

Visit our Registration page (opens May 1, 2017), where you are prompted to answer a few questions, which includes your registration payment information and importantly, the team for which you will be fundraising and riding. There are 19 great teams, eighteen different hunger-relief organizations as well as the organizing team, the Ride for Food Event Team. Please pick one of these teams, so that the money you raise gets directed towards that team. To learn more about the teams, please visit our Partners page.

What type of bike do I need to participate in the Ride for Food?

We strongly recommend using a road bike for all distance rides, in particular the 50. If you do not have a road bike and would like to do the 50 mile road, please at least make sure that the tires are slick (do not have treads) and the pressure is at maximum. People have successfully completed the 10 and 25 mile ride on a hybrid bicycle.

What time does the Ride start?

All rides are staggered to end at Nobles between 11:30 and noon so that we can thank everyone with prizes, workshops and a great lunch sponsored by Whole Foods.

The 50 mile ride will start on a staggered basis. If one is an average rider (taking over three hours needed for completion), then please get to the registration desk at 7AM and be ready to begin your ride at 7:30. If one is a strong rider, then please get to the registration desk by 7:30AM to start at 8:15AM.

The 25 mile ride starts at 9:30 with registration beginning at 8:30.

The 10 mile ride starts at 10:15 with registration beginning at 9:30. It’s recommended to get there 15-30 minutes earlier than registration especially if you would like to get your bicycle quickly checked out before the ride.

How are the teams organized?

Teams are organized to support each of our collaborating partners. You can select a team that represents either The Ride for Food team or one of the following:

Each team will have at least one team leader whose contact information is at the bottom of each team page on our site. Please contact them directly for more information, especially for practice rides.

Do I have to be an experienced rider to participate?

No, all riders are welcome. The Ride for Food is not a race. There are four routes to choose from:

Bike mechanics, ride marshals, courtesy vans en route, medical services, and fully equipped water stops make this event an excellent choice for both the novice and the experienced rider. We recommend training as well as ensuring your bicycle is in working condition and roadworthy prior to when you show up on Sunday morning.

How old do I have to be to participate?

Riders must be 14 years of age or older. Riders between the ages of 14 and 18 must be accompanied by an adult, and have a waiver signed by a parent or guardian.

Will there be people who can check out my bicycle the day of the ride?

Yes,  mechanics from Ferris Wheels, Frank’s Spoke ‘n Wheel, and Pedro’s have graciously volunteered to be there to make minor adjustments and last minute safety checks prior to the Ride.  During the Ride for Food event, support vehicles will also travel the routes to assist riders on an as-needed basis.

Every rider should have their bike ready to ride for a safe and worry free ride. Riders who show up with unsafe bicycles on the day of the Ride will be asked not to ride. If you haven’t had a tune up or had your bike looked over by a professional mechanic within the last year, we strongly urge you to take it to your local bike shop to get it checked out.

Is Three Squares insured for accidents on the Ride for Food?

Three Squares New England is an advocacy group and member of the League of American Bicyclists (“LAB”). All registered riders for the 2017 Ride for Food event on September 24th will be eligible for participant accident coverage. The Participant Accident coverage is insured by Mutual of Omaha Insurance Company, which is administered by American Specialty Insurance and Risk Services, Inc. This insurance provides each event participant up to $10,000 per accident with a $500 per claim deductible. The Participant Accident coverage is provided as an excess (secondary) medical policy for each participant for our organization’s event scheduled on September 24th as well as any scheduled club rides in which our Advocacy organization conducts.

How much money do I need to raise to participate?

Each rider is encouraged to raise $1,000 on a best efforts basis. It’s not required to raise this amount, but many exceed it.  Each rider raising $1000 or more receives a 2015 Ride for Food bicycle jersey.

Contact your team leader for fundraising ideas such as team functions, but also please see our Fundraising page for ideas on how to get started. Please remember that the Ride for Food is a fundraising event being organized to help organizations that daily battle hunger in our local communities. They generally don’t have the resources to host this type of event, so they appreciate this opportunity and your best efforts raise $1000.

How do I submit an offline donation such as a check or cash donation?

An offline donation can save money in internet processing charges, so we encourage such donations. If someone is sponsoring you and providing you with a cheque, please make sure the cheque is made out to Three Squares New England, and it is imperative that your name is written into the memo line on the bottom left hand corner of the cheque otherwise we will not know where to credit the check.

Please either send the check to Three Squares New England, PO Box 1055, Dedham, MA 02027 or forward the check to your team leader who will collect the checks from everyone and submit them to us at Three Squares New England.

We will send out the acknowledgement letters, but the money you collect will be directed by us to your team’s fundraising efforts. If you cannot get in touch with your team leader or have any further questions on how to do this, please contact us at  and we can help you out.

Cash donations are not accepted. If someone gives you a cash donation, please submit a check to us in lieu of the cash donation.

Are there any organized rides locally that would help me train?

If you are interested in training rides to get in shape, we recommend that you either get together with others on your team for a weekend practice ride or join our casual, summer rides through MeetUp.com. Dates and rides TBD:

Please also note the following third party rides –

Accessible to All




What if there is an emergency or a problem while participating?

Every effort has been made to ensure rider safety, however bicycling is an inherently dangerous activity and every rider should use their common sense and operate their bicycle safely. There will be mechanics at Nobles available to check out your bicycle for minor issues before the Ride. Mechanics and other support riders will also accompany each route. As well, there will be medical personnel on call in case anyone needs medical attention. If there is an emergency, however, you should dial 911 immediately.

There will also be a fully equipped water stop on every route with water, snacks and first aid kits. Support personnel will also travel the routes in a van throughout the day to respond to flat tires and other mechanical problems. 

What is The Sprocket?

The Sprocket is a fabulous trophy sculpted and donated by Gints Grinbergs that is presented to the Partner that raises the most funds. That Partner holds the Sprocket Award for the entire year until the next Ride, where it is awarded to the next Partner who raises the most funds.  Visit the Annual Partner Award page for more  information.

The Dedham Food Pantry has earned the trophy four years running and will only pass it on begrudgingly.

Does every rider get a t-shirt and bicycle jersey?

All riders can receive a great t-shirt, but only riders who reach their goal of raising $1,000 will receive a bike jersey. T-shirts and bike jerseys are currently being designed.

How might I download a copy of the Ride Waiver?

A pdf copy of the Ride Waiver can be found here.