Fundraising Tips & Tricks

Fundraising Tips & Tricks

Asking for money is hard. It’s the nature of fundraising for a good cause that there are times where it seems really challenging to get the word out and make the ask. You’re passionate about the cause you’re riding for and you know the impact your efforts will make on a critical issue for many families in your community. So we’re here to help you out with a few great strategies for meeting your fundraising goals:

The Classics

  • Email – You probably do this every day already so it’s the easiest way to get the word out about your cause to the people who know you best. 
  • Social media – Posting on Facebook or Twitter about your goal can engage people you wouldn’t have even known would be interested in getting involved. It also keeps it top of mind for your friends you emailed. Don’t forget to tag @RideforFood!
  • Following up – This is the best tool you have. People can be forgetful but they do want to help, so keep asking and there will be good results. 


  • Host a dinner – This is a great way to engage people to a food cause. Invite some friends over for a great meal and ask them to contribute to your campaign.
  • Happy hour – Partner with a local bar to do an informal event where a percentage of sales contributes to your campaign. This is great to collaborate with your team on. 
  • Organizations – If you are a member of any teams, schools or groups that meet frequently, ask for their help. Even if they can’t contribute money they might be able to lend connections to other resources. 

Creativity Counts

  • Key dates – Use significant dates like birthdays, holidays or anniversaries to get people’s attention for your campaign.
  • Personal buy in – Set mini goals that say if you reach $500 you will post a video moon-walking to Michael Jackson or will shave your beard.
  • Challenge your friends – There is nothing like a little competition to get everyone moving. Challenge friends or co-workers to match or out contribute one another.