Sprockets Trophy

The Sprockets Partner Award is created and generously donated by local sculptor, Gints Grinbergs of Dedham, and is awarded to the partner that raises the most money each year in the Ride for Food.

Award Recipients

2012 – The Dedham Food Pantry

2013 – The Dedham Food Pantry

2014 – The Dedham Food Pantry

2015 – The Dedham Food Pantry

2016 – Food For Free

Sprockets Trophy

Ending the four year winning streak of Dedham Food Pantry! Way to go Food For Free!


About Scultptor Gints Grinbergs

Sculptor, Gints Grinbergs works with a variety of metals including copper, bronze and stainless steel to create open forms.  His work has been featured in museums both locally and in New York.  To learn more about the sculptor’s work, please visit Gints Grinsbergs’ website.