Partner Testimonials

A Place to Turn

A Place to Turn Team“A Place To Turn is proud to be a partner of Three Squares New England. The Ride For Food is an amazing event that our food pantry looks forward to each year. The people involved in the planning and execution are passionate about our work towards alleviating hunger in our communities. Additionally, staff from our pantry had the chance to meet and converse with the staff and volunteers from other area food pantries. This was instrumental in creating a forum for an exchange of ideas, frustrations, and inspiration. It is a huge challenge for those of us in the not-for-profit world of community food pantries to set our sights on raising significant sums of money, but the support from everyone made it possible to succeed.”

– Joanne Barry, A Place to Turn

Boston Area Gleaners

Boston Area Gleaners Team“The Ride for Food provides vital financial support during our busiest time of year.  It can be overwhelming when you are scurrying around to harvest surplus crops in preparation for the holiday season, so the cash injection from Three Squares New England at the end of the year is critical to our being able get high-quality food to people in need. The event itself is a blast and the return on investment, relative to event fundraising in general, is outstanding. We plan to do this every year!”

– Duck Caldwell, Boston Area Gleaners


Centre Street Food Pantry, Newton

Centre Street Food Pantry, Newton TeamThe funds we raised came just before Thanksgiving. This helped us to provide bounteous amounts of fresh produce and food for our patrons at a time of year when everyone is focused on food. Throughout the year, the funds will be used to keep our shelves stocked with nutritious items along with the ‘extras’, such as toiletries and feminine products, that are expensive for our patrons to purchase.

– Centre Street Food Pantry

Community Harvest

Community Harvest TeamFunds raised support our efforts to grow fresh produce for the hunger relief network in Worcester County and goes a long way to support our community. Every $1,000 enables 10,000 servings of fresh fruits and vegetables. Thank you Ride for Food for your support.

– Community Harvest

Dedham Food Pantry

“The Ride for Food has been transformative for us. We’ve been able to purchase more vegetables, fruit, milk and eggs, and we’ve been able to increase the number of visits per family. We’ve also been able to expand the opportunity for seniors by adding another shopping day to the schedule. Additionally we gained increased awareness in our community for our mission.”

– Brian Rogal, Dedham Food Pantry

Food For Free

food-for-free-team“Once a month, we deliver a large box of groceries to over 85 low-income elderly or disabled Cambridge residents who live alone and cannot physically access a food pantry. On average, the food lasts about 2 weeks, leaving them struggling the rest of the month. Thanks to Ride For Food – this year and upcoming – we will now be able to expand the program and include a second delivery each month, ensuring they have fresh, healthy food to eat every day.”

– Sasha Purpura, Food for Free

Food Link

Food Link TeamTen Food Link Riders enjoyed a beautiful ride and great company at The Ride for Food, which raises awareness and funds to fight hunger in Massachusetts.  These funds help support Food Link, a community organization that rescues fresh food, alleviates hunger, and contributes to environmental sustainability.

– DeAnne Dupont, Food Link

Fresh Truck

Fresh Truck TeamFresh Truck had a great experience participating the in Ride for Food. We were able to assemble a group excited about our mission to ride and fundraise on our behalf. The funding we were able to raise from the ride has gone to support our Weekly Market operations that provide 500 families with access to fresh fruits and vegetables each week. 

– Annika Morgan, Fresh Truck


Gaining Ground

Gaining Ground TeamThis was the first year that Gaining Ground participated in the Ride for Food. We were so impressed by the passion and the organization that Three Squares New England demonstrated.  Their hard work enabled us to reach new donors and raise a significant amount of money.  We will use these funds to fulfill our mission of growing organic produce and giving it away for free to those who could not otherwise afford such nutritious food.

– Gaining Ground


JF&CS Family Table Team“JF&CS Family Table participated in the Ride for Food for the first time in 2014 and it was a very positive event for us. By raising funds and sharing information about our program, our team connected nearly 200 people to our mission of providing food to those in need. The Ride itself was fun and tremendously well organized, and as a team captain I was gratified for all the people on my team who dedicated their time and energy to this event.

– Bernice Behar, JF&CS Family Table


 Needham Community Council

Needham Community Council TeamParticipating in the RIDE FOR FOOD has been a huge game changer for the funding of our food pantry. Not only do we raise a significant amount of money for the Council Food Pantry that will have an immediate impact, but we also are able to increase the level of awareness in our community.

Sandra Robinson, Needham Community Council

Open Table

Open Table TeamFeeding hungry people is a cause everyone can support. But the need is never-ending, and constant fundraising puts a strain on area relief organizations. That’s what makes the Ride for Food great: it combines fundraising with a fun activity – biking – and becomes a win-win for everyone. Three Squares New England supports our food pantries with a fundraising template that lets even the smallest organizations reap huge financial rewards without overwhelming effort. Besides, I was able to work out several inventory issues while cycling next to the Gleaners team around mile 22…it made those last three miles just fly by!

– Jeanine Calabria, Open Table

Ripples of Hope

Ripples of Hope Team “Harvesting Seeds of Hope works with residents of Jamaica Plain’s Pine Street Inn permanent housing initiative to teach the basics of growing and harvesting fresh vegetables, and the importance of fresh produce in maintaining a healthy diet. We began our program in 2014, and were not only fully funded with our participation in the Ride for Food, but were able to allocate funds towards next year’s budget. The Ride was a financial success for us, and brought us together with a host of local area organizations that approach food insecurity in different ways. The Ride epitomizes the spirit of philanthropy in action bringing together individuals who are passionate about making a difference.  It has helped us confirm, institutionalize and sustain this community-based initiative for Ripples of Hope.”

– Kristen Atwood, Ripples of Hope – Harvesting Seeds of Hope

The Food Project

The Food Project Team“The Ride for Food provided both a marketing and fundraising opportunity. We were able to put our cause in front of people who otherwise might not know about us and were able to gain some new donors and donations at a time of year that is typically slow for fundraising. The event was well run and the follow-up was outstanding.”

– Angela Lett, The Food Project

Urban Farming Institute

Urban Farming Institute TeamWe had an excellent experience, the Ride was very well organized, and the platform you all set up (and your help along the way) made it very easy to take part.  Our whole team was very happy with the experience.  I’ll reiterate again, I think what you all have set up with TSNE and the Ride for Food is a very powerful tool/opportunity for nonprofits — a live event that many different groups can plug into to fundraise, without having to individually carry the overhead of organizing.

– Dave Madan, Founder + Director, theMOVE

Waltham Fields

Waltham Fields Team“The farm is the heart of everything we do. The fields provide food for those in need, an education about where food comes from to early learners and an opportunity for the community to gather to enjoy open space, give back through volunteering or to simply be together. During the growing season, our staff more than triples to make our fields and programs come to life. With such a short, concentrated time that uses all of our focus and energy, the Ride For Food has helped bring our message to a whole new audience during a very busy season. The support Three Squares New England provides for this event is fantastic and allows us to concentrate on the work of our hunger relief and education programs while looking forward to a fund day of riding. We are so happy and grateful to be apart of the Ride For Food family!”

– Shannon Taylor, Waltham Fields

Wellesley Food Pantry

Wellesley Food Pantry Team“ The Ride for Food has become a vital source of funding for us to provide a greater volume and variety of healthful options to the 450+ individuals we serve. The Ride is our largest single source of funds and we are able to directly channel those funds to our shopping for fresh produce, meats, eggs, and other basic necessities to meet our clients’ needs. The Ride is very well-organized and TSNE does a terrific job of communicating and coordinating with each of the participants. We are thrilled to be a part of this event and look forward to continuing our participation until hunger is no longer an issue in our community.”

– Cynthia Scott, President, Wellesley Food Pantry

Women’s Lunch Place

Women’s Lunch Place TeamWomen’s Lunch Place is grateful to Three Squares New England for inviting us to participate in this year’s Ride for Food.  We were honored to share the road for the first time with so many terrific partners, and raise money & awareness for hunger.  Ride for Food was a smooth riding throughout the day and exceeded our expectations.  Congratulations to everyone for a successful event!

– Elizabeth Keeley,  Executive Director