Rider Profile – Sarah Branz

Rider Profile - Sarah Branz

The Ride for Food community is full of hundreds of passionate, hard working advocates for food access and hunger relief in the Greater Boston and Worcester region. We are excited to share their stories and experiences with you in our series of Rider Profiles. In these blog posts our riders will share why they are riding, their most precious experiences with food and food relief efforts along with their training practices leading up to the ride on the 25th.



Rider: Sarah Branz

Riding for: Food for Free

Why are you participating in Ride for Food?

I am a second-grade teacher in Cambridge Public Schools and I see firsthand what Food for Free is able to do for my students. Food for Free puts backpacks full of food in my kids’ hands on Friday afternoons and aids in a monthly market that supplies groceries to our families. I am happy to support an organization that provides my students and their families with the brain power they need in order to learn!

What’s your best food memory?

There are too many to count… to me, there’s nothing better than enjoying a good meal with good company.

Who taught you to ride a bike?

My dad taught me to ride a bike in my neighborhood cul-de-sac when I was a little girl!

What are you doing to prepare for the ride?

Luckily, frequent cycling classes are already a part of my regular routine. I’m glad to be going out in the fresh air and on the road though for some training rides!