Social Media Toolkit

To raise awareness, community support, and funding to end food insecurity in New England, we’re asking you to use your organization’s social media channels to show your support for the Ride for Food and for the sponsors that make the Ride possible.

How to Get Involved

Whether by riding, volunteering, or helping to feed our neighbors, you are helping to end food insecurity in New England. The next step is to talk about your organization’s involvement on its social media channels— Facebook, Twitter, Instagram — to spread the word about the Ride and our sponsors. And do not leave out email blasts and newsletters.

Not sure what to say? Talk about The Ride for Food, your work with the Ride, why our cause is important, the issue of hunger in your community, or thank our sponsors for supporting the Ride.

To help get you started, we have written some Facebook posts and Tweets, and created images. Feel free to modify these messages.

On Facebook

Here are posts you can use for your organization:

  • Save the date! 9/24/17 is the #RideForFood. Find out how you can get involved:
  • We #RideForFood because 1 in 6 kids in Massachusetts struggle with hunger. Together we can end food insecurity in our community:
  • 10 days until The #RideForFood! There is still time to become a part of this incredible event:
  • Thanks to your generous donations and sponsors! Our team is ready to help reduce food insecurity in New England:
  • Thank you to [Insert company name/Facebook tag] for supporting the #RideForFood! Each dollar raised last year returned over 100% towards ending food insecurity in New England.

To use one of our #RideForFood images in your organization’s Facebook posts, just click on the image you want to use and save it on your desktop. Also, feel free to use our logo.

Facebook Photos – General Info

Help us recruit teams and individual riders via social media. Below are some images you may include with your posts and tweets.

On Twitter

Tweets you can use:

Also, ask your riders and your Twitter followers to “donate” one of their Tweets to Ride for Food and tweet:

I support #RideForFood. Find out how you can help feed your neighbors: #endhunger

Twitter Photos – Recruit Volunteers

Rules of the Road, Social Media Style

Be Social and Be Polite

Your organization’s communications about food insecurity in New England and The Ride for Food are likely to get a response. Remember to thank your supporters, respond to their questions, ask them questions, and recognize super-star supporters and their accomplishments.

Use the Hashtag #RideForFood

Mark every post on Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks with #RideForFood. Include this hashtag on photos, videos, tweets, and status updates; the hashtag enables everyone to join and follow conversations about the Ride For Food.

Measuring Success

You’ll be able to measure the success of your organization’s social media and other communications in many ways including new supporters on social media platforms, new volunteers, and donations.